2013 Book Counts

Just in case anyone would like to record what they are reading in 2013:

Julie -

Thanks for visiting 5-squared! Please continue to enjoy our book reviews from previous years that are posted and contained in the pages of this blog. 

Many of our authors have been busy with real life, college, or posting book reviews on Goodreads or their own blogs.  Due to my own personal busy schedule, I [Julie] didn't even post book reviews last year in 2012.  I'm going to update to keep the option for anyone who has been an author in the past and would like to return here to post any of their book reviews.  Plus, I wouldn't mind a place for my own book reviews if I get a chance to read for anything other than college at the moment.  I plan to graduate by the end of this year and perhaps other years will be better for book reviews. 

If you're still planning to write book reviews for 5-squared, please add your name to the list above or let me know so that we can keep track of book counts here. If you'd like to move on to bigger and better things, I understand as that's the nature of any group. Please also let me know and kindly remove your own name from our author or blog list as well. If anyone would like be an author, please let me know and contact me, Julie by e-mail: jflamingo2[at]yahoo[dot]com. I'll get you squared away to help our little book review blog to keep going.

Thanks for your interest. I look forward to seeing what you'll be reading and sharing with us in 2013!

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