Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Catcher in the RyeThe Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

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You know what? I really liked this book. It wasn't all phony and such. Even with all the crumby swearing, I got through it all right.

OK, enough Holden-speak.

This book was a fascinating read for me. When I first began it, I was feeling all rebellious to be reading a book with this much swearing. I usually have a very timid ear and can't handle hearing 'g-d'. I then realized it was just a kid trying to sound tough. At first I was irritated at Holden. I dismissed him as 'that guy I hated in high-school'. I was the good girl that Holden would have seen as 'phony'. I could never relate with those that didn't care what the higher-ups thought. As I continued to read, I found I understood him more and more. He was just a kid. He was extremely intelligent, but had some stuff to work out. I love how he freaked out about being a madman and couldn't understand how he could get caught up in a moment and say something crazy. He marveled that he would truly mean it at the time he said it. Ha. Been there.

All in all, I found this book much less scandalous than I feared it would be. I read a few synopses to make sure I could handle it. Sure, I'm not running to put in on my 13 yr-old's reading list, but what is so atypical or unstable about it? I understand the language was over-the-top and, of course, reading the thoughts of a 16 yr-old boy would always be disturbing, but I don't see Holden's experience as that different from my own. (With some glaring exceptions, of course!) I guess that is what surprised me in this book. Angst is angst. We all just work it out in our own way.

If you disagree with are probably a phony. ;)

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Julie said...

Thanks for your insightful review, Erin! Also, I'm glad you posted your review here this week since it is just the right time for Banned Books Week. Nice timing!