Friday, July 29, 2011

The White Bone by Barbara Gowdy

The White BoneThe White Bone by Barbara Gowdy

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I ended up not really enjoying this one. There were things I liked about it- the perspective was kind of fun. Seeing things from the elephants' points of view was an interesting change. Their mythology, their creation story, their after-life were all enjoyable. It was also fascinating to learn a bit about their family units and the hierarchy that goes along with them. What ruined the book for me though was the constant obsession with poop and sex. Granted, it's animal sex, so it's different- less offensive- than if we were talking about humans, but it was still a major and unnecessary distraction from the story. And while it's true that animals are obsessed with dung and urine and anything else that marks a strong scent, as a human, I don't care to hear about animals eating each others' poo. Maybe that's just me, though. Also, I didn't care for the ending, but I won't spoil it by going into detail.

But I have to give Gowdy props for doing something completely different.

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