Monday, February 7, 2011

Matched by Allie Condie

We are reading Matched by Ally Condie in our RS book club this month. So there might be several reviews on 5-squared. I feel nervous being the first one to review it because I don't have the language skills that my other friends have. So this will be simply my thoughts.
Matched is the first book of a trilogy. I didn't know that until I finished, I could tell about 2/3 into it that there would be another. Which will be alright.
This is a dystopia novel. I looked that word up; a society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease and overcrowding.

The Society controls everything. You are sent your personal food at a specific time and place. No one is allowed to come into your home. You have only a brown set of clothes. They decide all of your activities. You are Matched at seventeen with your optimal partner. They also decide when you die. They give you a container with three tablets in it, a blue, green, and red. You are told when to take them. They are allowed to enjoy only 100 songs, 100 poems, 100 movies etc.

Cassia is a seventeen year old. She is matched on her birthday. It is an unusual match because she knows the young man. The next day, she puts the microcard with his information in the portal and sees another face also, again someone she knows.

There is a love triangle, one young man who is the strong, good guy type. The other has a mysterious past. Cassia is torn between the two.

Poetry is used often in the book, which is nice. I only like a little bit of poetry, the book actually made me interested in the pieces they talk about.

This book reminds me of Hunger Games a bit, but there isn't the violence.

I've read several other reviews about this book. Many folks complain about various things. I enjoyed it though. I look forward to the other two.

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Julie said...

Thanks for your review, Carrie! I'm looking forward to the poetry and seeing how it compares with Hunger Games like you said. :)