Sunday, January 9, 2011

Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey

This book was written in 1912, set in 1871, on the Southern border of Utah. It is a small community of what the author calls; Mormons and Gentiles. I am LDS aka Mormon, myself and the amount of reading and research I have done on the early Saints, I would say that this is not about the Church of Latter Saints of Jesus Christ, the Mormons. This appears to be a book about one of the fundamentalists offshoots of the LDS church that grew because they did not agree with LDS teachings.

The book is about Jane Withersteen, a wealthy rancher that had inherited her father’s ranch. She loves everyone and treats all with kindness and charity. The leaders of the town and her church are upset with her for caring for Gentiles, people that are not of the town’s faith. Also one of the leaders insists she marry him, she does not want to. She meets a couple non member men that are able to help her as the church leaders make all other riders and women folk leave her.The story splits to cover the two different men and what happens to them.

There is a lot of description about the area, the sage, trees, canyons and valleys. It is so nicely written, I definitely could image it.

I really feel the point of this story is to love and care for all. That some people, no matter what religion or organization, take the power of leadership and misuse it. We all are human first, then leaders and some times you must separate the church or organiztation and the person.

I am torn about this book when it comes to rating it. I would say a 3 star. I will try another Zane Grey.

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