Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Dark Griffin by K.J. Taylor

The Dark Griffin (The Fallen Moon)The Dark Griffin by K.J. Taylor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I got this as a goodreads firstreads ARC. I unreservedly give this book four stars. When I signed up to win this copy, I knew it was a gamble- fantasy usually is a bit of a gamble. But books like this are the reason I sign up for firstreads books. I got to be one of the very first to read a book that I feel sure will be disappearing off the shelves very soon.

Taylor has approached her world in some very unique ways. For instance, focusing on the griffin instead of the dragon or the unicorn or some of the more prominent mythical beasts. The griffin may make an appearance in some fantasy stories, but he doesn't usually get to be the star.

For another thing, you won't find your classic good conquers evil theme here. Right and wrong, good and bad; they all get mixed up with each other. In the end, you can't help but root for someone who is far from your traditional hero.

She explores the darker side of magic. And while you could describe some aspects of the story as morbid, it didn't feel morbid to me. I read it knowing it was getting darker and darker, but I didn't feel stained by it. I liked that.

I leave this story eager for the sequel. Write, Taylor, write!

FYI- there is some moderate profanity and mild sexuality. It does get quite gory at times, so if you're sensitive to written violence, I'd steer clear.

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