Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Light in the Forest by Conrad Richter (I read it, too!)

The Light in the ForestThe Light in the Forest by Conrad Richter

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was a really quick read. I actually really enjoyed it, but I only gave it three stars because the ending was so completely unsatisying. It's one of those open ended stories. It resolves one main conflict, but leaves a hundred other loose ends. If I were at all into writing fan-fic, I'd feel compelled to finish this charcter's story. If this story went to a publisher today, it would probably be rejected. That said, there was a lot that I liked as well.

The writing was top notch. Even during the narrative (note: I generally don't like much narrative), it was alive and in motion. I loved how the change in point of view changes your sympathies throughout the story. In the end, when True Son comes to sympathize in some degree with both the white man and the Indians, you would think he should be able to live peacably in either world, but just the opposite is true. During that time, sympathy was treachery, so both sides saw him as a traitor. A very sad story, made sadder in that he really had no choice in any of it.

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