Monday, September 13, 2010

Episodes: My Life as I See It by Blaze Ginsberg

This is book is so unique! It truly is a labor of love. His mother, Debra Ginsberg, wrote an amazing prologue right from the start. In this book, don't expect to read along as any ordinary book for this is an insight into an extraordinary mind. Blaze is a real person who happens to have a creative intelligence that few of us will ever understand in our normal realm. For this is a tale, told in the form of episodes rather, from a life in the realm of a high-functioning autistic teenager going into his twenties.
At first, you must abandon how you think every day and try to place yourself watching an episode through Blaze's eyes and then you'll become enthralled with what he is letting you in to see. A whole new world will come alive, very much like watching TV, and you'll laugh, find a new perspective about teenage/early 20's life, and maybe you'll even get a little teary-eyed.
Don't be afraid to reminisce and relate it to your teenage experience which I feel is the best way to get past feeling of it being disjointed about the plot. Think Napoleon Dynamite. It is not your typical book. It's very execution is originally developed by Blaze and it is his mind that you're entering. Be realistic. Enter his mind on his terms and I think you'll enjoy this book. It's a quick read and can easily be followed through the different styles of episodes which we know everyday from TV already. Such as sydicated, season finale , and on-going as in a soap opera type episodes. Plus, there are, of course, the special features and the once a year specials, like Thanksgiving,to give you something to look forward to. Personally, I enjoyed the great cast of characters from Blaze's family, special guest star appearances and of course, the credits even down to the music. I've always liked to see what music is included whether on TV or in the movies. Most of all I liked the quotes! It was cool how he included books and other information that he was covering in his school studies much like a News segment too. In fact, a lot of these episodes reminded me in some way of human interest stories which have always been one of my favorite News features. [I know that's because my Grandpa Hatch loved them too and was quick to point them out to me and let me in on a few that would uplift me. Ones he had even written, so this book had helped me in remembering him too. Miss you, Grandpa!]
One thing I can guarantee about this book is that it is one of a kind and you won't read anything else like it. For that reason alone, it should be worth reading! Now, if you watch TV then, of course, you'll view it predictably but that's a different episode. ;)

288 pages, Publisher: Roaring Brook Press; 1 edition (September 1, 2009), My rating: 3 stars

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“Each passage functions as a minimalist gateway into his passions, dreams, fears and desires.” —Kirkus Reviews


Debra Ginsberg said...

Julie, thank you for this entry, for all your kind words about Blaze's book, and for "getting" it so completely. You have made my day.

Queen 'Bina said...

Okay, I'm baited. On the to-read it goes.

Julie said...

Debra - Thanks so much for taking your time to read my entry. You've also truly made my day!

Queen'Bina - So sweet! I hope you'll like it!

Peaceful Reader said...

This sounds really unique and interesting!

Jamie said...

This sounds unique and extremely interesting! The cover is really cool! :)