Monday, August 9, 2010

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest by Stieg Larrson

Hrm. Quick overview of this lovely trilogy..

And if you've not read any of these, this probably won't make any sense. So. Sorry. In advance.

Book one -

Men definitely hate women in this one - A LOT, Nazis and big corporations are the roots of all evil - OF COURSE, who needs big boobs anyway (or I mean boobs at all), or condoms for that matter, or to be faithful to one's spouse.., and all those names..good grief. My review of this one is here.

Book two -

The giant blond dude from Rocky IV/man who feels no pain from the Brosnan (slash fake) Bond movies makes an appearance and boy is he pissed, Lisbeth is actually in this one - like she does stuff and everything (I mean everything), again with the names...holy crap....but this one by far my favorite of the three.

Book three -

Lisbeth is in the hospital and now she's pissed, duct tape cures all ills (my husband slash life partner could've told them that!), hot Amazon women are attracted to middle-aged, over-weight men, Lisbeth is still in the hospital.., ack, those names! I wanted to ram my head into the wall they were so confusing, Salander is still in the hospital..., stalkers are always skinny nerdy men, Swede's like to use the word whore a lot, giant blond freak makes an appearance at the beginning and the exact end of the book - in between I completely forgot about him, wha? Salander finally leaves the hospital?? Just in time to save the day? Not really, and the mysterious sister? She never shows...ah, come on!!

A really funny take on this series is in The New Yorker. I laughed myself silly it was so. spot. on.

3 stars


Julie said...

I really like your overview of this trilogy. I've been torn about reading these books and they do seem popular but I think you've finally convinced me (or maybe The New Yorker article;) that they're not really for me.
Great review! Thanks for posting, Lula!

Hamilcar Barca said...

heh, Lula. i like your review of the first book. i noticed that just about every woman between 18 and 80 goes to bed with Blomkvist. through no effort on his part. yeah, like that would really happen.

L said...

If you've not read these, then sorry it was soooo vague. Seriously, that Nora Ephron article is perfect though! It's exactly how the last book is and a great acid test of really how silly the books are. Especially the last one. Thanks Julie!

And thanks to you HB, but yours was better. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that venture from reality - not that the whole series isn't that way. Oooo, did you see who's playing Lisbeth in the US version? She's way too tall. Lisbeth is supposed to be tiny and adrogynous. man, woman, adult, child. you take your pick. At least that's the impression I got in the books.

Deepali said...

nice summing up :D
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