Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stalemate by Iris Johansen

Eve Duncan, a re-occurring character, is what is called a "forensic sculptor," which means she takes a skull and sculpts over it her interpretation of the face, based upon forensic measurements and - to a great extent - intuition. She has never yet been proved wrong. However, she generally works for families of missing children or law enforcement agencies - hoping with each skull she brings home, she might find her own 7yr old daughter, Bonnie, missing and presumed dead for many years.

When she receives an offer from the infamous Luis Montalvo - who is a well-known and wealthy arms dealer in Columbia - twice she firmly declines. He has tried to get her to travel to Columbia to sculpt a skull and she refused - however, the third time he makes an offer she cannot refuse in all good conscience, and she goes - in order to save an innocent family, and also with the promise that Montalvo will help her finally find her daughter. She goes without telling her partner Joe an ex-FBI agent who follows her south. She finds Montalvo as a dangerous criminal but also someone with heart and passion. Eve ends up being key to a war between criminals.

I have read two other book from Iris Johansen, Firestorm and Pandora’s Daughter. I had another sent to me but the “bad guys” in that one were with child molesters and I couldn’t read it. All three were good reads, I really liked Firestorm though

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Julie said...

Eve's sculpting skills sounds very interesting. There's a lot going on in this book it sounds like too.