Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Simple Genius by David Baldacci

I read this book years ago and just had the opportunity to listen to it on audio with my hubby. Good read. Re-occurring characters Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, former Secret Service now turned Private Investigator’s. I have not read other books about them, but now know they are out there waiting for me.

The book starts out with two story lines, one about Michelle and her personal problems and the other about Sean and the job he has taken to pay for Michelle’s therapy. Michelle picks a fight with a really big guy on the wrong side of town. She survives physically but emotional is a wreck. Sean hires his friend Dr. Horatio Barnes to help her but she has to enter a psychiatric facility.

Wanting to keep Michelle in therapy, Sean takes a job at a highly secretive “think tank” called Babbage Town. The scientists there are very protective about their codes and quantum processors. But one of their team, Monk Turing has died and they need to know if it was murder or suicide. The installation is located across the river from the CIA’s highly classified facility known as the Farm. Monk Turing’s 11 year old daughter Viggie is emotionally and socially disabled, but she is a mathematical genius. Sean has a difficult time finding information. He is also worried about his Michelle and how much she can handle.

I liked the book, it had a bit too much technical info about codes for me but Paul loved the details. It made me want to read more of David Baldacci


Julie said...

I'd have to read this to see how he pulls off all those technical detail. Sounds interesting and chock full of information! Was it a lot to grasp? If so, it may take me a while to read this. ;)

Carrie said...

it is not too bad, it doesn't bog the story down, you can handle it