Monday, June 14, 2010

Girl With a Pearl Earring by tracy Chevalier

This is another book about a young girl. Greit lives in 1660's Holland. She becomes the maid for the the artist Jan Vemeer because of her family's misfortune. Eventually becoming the inspiration for one of his most famous paintings. It is a very sensual portrait of a 17th century Dutch household, beautifully written.
Griet is treated very poorly by everybody in the house, even the other maid. Only one or two of the many children are civil to her, yet she holds her tongue and plods through her day. The one place where she finds solace is when she is cleaning the studio for the painter. Little does she know that the solace that she finds there and the attention she gets from Johannes makes people in the house become upset. As things get increasingly out of control, Griet must make some decisions that will affect her life and her place in the household.

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