Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Twilight Saga (books 1-4) by Stephenie Meyer

Yes, I'm reviewing all four books at once. Mainly because it takes me about as long to read all four as it would take me to read one really GOOD book. The series gets three stars from me. The writer in me knows the books deserve two, but since I cannot stop myself from liking them in a really bizarre, immature sort of way, I have to bump it up to three. I admit it, a little shamefacedly. I do like the series. I'm not an obsessed, crazed fan like many of the ladies I know, but I do like it (do you HEAR the begrudging tone of my voice?).
For several reasons, and in no particular order:
There is something irresistible about your first love being your only love, in spite of all opposition.
It's light and easy and I don't have to think about it. At all.
I really do like the deviation from standard vampire and werewolf lore. I think what Meyer did there was exceptionally imaginative.
I heart Jacob. He's easily the funnest, roundest character in the series. He's the reason I enjoy book 2 the most and the Jacob POV chapters in book 4 make the rest of that installment tolerable.

Now the things that irritate me EVERY time I read the series, in no particular order:
Page after page of overused cliches (nails on the chalkboard).
Being stuck in the point of view of a supposedly mature, yet predictably melodramatic heroine.
While she keeps the physical aspect of their relationship pretty clean, she goes way overboard describing their physical reactions to each other- the heart pounding, electrifying, gasping roller coaster ride that is the teenage condition, I suppose.

I can't WAIT for the final movie to be finished. Because then the collective ADD of the Twilight fan base can kick in and the world can go back to resembling a saner pre-Twilight state of being.
In other words, though I enjoy the series to a certain degree, I don't think it deserve the accolades it has received.


Marcia Mickelson said...

I heart Jacob too. Book 2 was my fave and I also loved those point of view chapters from Breaking Dawn, especially the titles.

I'm just like you. I can't resist. I do enjoy the books-have read them once and that's enough for me. I'm not crazed, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying them. Thanks for your review. It's good to know there's another in betweener out there; someone who likes the books, not obsessed, but not a hater.

Jessica said...

Yeah I agree with that although I also thought Edward was quite obsessive and I did think, 'goodness I wouldnt want my daughter with someone like that' so I guess I was on the side of the dad LOL