Saturday, February 20, 2010

Standing in the Rainbow by Fannie Flagg

This book starts in 1946 in Elmwood Springs, Missouri. Neighbor Dorothy has a live radio show out of her living room. Fannie describes all the characters in town and tells bits and pieces of their lives throughout a fifty year period. I know that some of the characters cross over to at least one of her other books. I was quite frustrated with the first half of the book. There just didn’t seem to be a story that ran together. Then she spends about 10 chapters on one couple, leaving you the feeling that was the main story. In the end she does tie up all the loose ends of all the town folk and gives you closure. I wouldn’t re-read this or choose any of her other books. Yet in some ways I am glad I read this one. Weird, I know


L said...

I thought that about this one too! Huge paragraphs. Very little dialogue, and I could've cared less about that couple. I was more interested in the little boy, who drops off the face of the earth until the very end.

Trixie said...

Fannie Flagg's other stuff is much better than this one. Don't let this one turn you off. I read this one in a fit of obsession with her books when I just couldn't get enough of her wierd roundabout way of telling a story. You should read Fried Green Tomatoes anyway.

Carrie said...

thanks for the comments and i think i will read fried green tomatoes