Thursday, February 4, 2010

Goodnight, Mr Tom

This is a historical novel,by Micheal Magorian, set in the late 1930’s during WWII. It shows how the children in London were evacuated to small towns to live with strangers because the Nazis were bombing London.
The story is about a small boy named Willie Beech who is evacuated to Little Weirwold to live with an older man, Mr Thomas Oakley. Tom is not used to children. His only child died as an infant.But he is very kind to Willie. Willie is a malnourished, abused and deprived child who is afraid of everything. With Mr Tom’s help he slowly starts to think on his own and becomes acclimated to the town people, learns to read and write, and makes friends. Mr. Tom begins to love Willie as his own child. Then a telegram comes and Willie must return to his abusive mother in London. Weeks past and Willie doesn’t return so Mr Tom goes to London in search of the boy he has come to love so much. I loved this book and would recommend it to others. A bit of caution though,, the episodes of child abuse and neglect are rather strong, and may not be suitable for all least the abuse is not described in action, we just see the end result


Alexandra said...

Oops - it was written by Michelle Magorian not Michael.

I agree that it is a lovely book. I always cry when I read it though.

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