Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dancing at Midnight

Dancing at Midnight by Julia Quinn. Oxfordshire 1816, Lady Arabella "Belle" Blydon- is tired of trying to find a husband. Having rejected dozens of marriage offers (she's holding out for true love), she takes a much needed rest in the country, at the estate of her cousin Emma and Emma's husband Alex, the Duke of Ashbourne.
Belle loves to walk in nature and to read, and one day she wanders onto the adjacent property where she meets Lord John Blackwood, a wounded war hero who's planning to farm the modest estate he's recently bought Not only is John's leg wounded (he limps) but his heart is wounded from a trauma in his past. Feeling unworthy of Belle physically, socially, economically and morally, he keeps pushing her away.

But Belle will not be stopped now that she's found the only man she's ever loved Lord John Blackwell is new to his title and his lands he has acquired for participating in the military. All his life, the seventh child of an Earl and pretty much forgotten, he has made his own way. Until one fateful day in the army, he has kept a secret hidden from everyone. If it ever got out, he would be shunned. Wounded and battered, both physically and mentally, John has no time or patience for an innocent girl who thinks he is 'too mysterious' to pass up. But Belle's persistence makes him see he can love and he deserves to love. The only thing holding him back is his dark past and someone who wants him dead for it.

I found Belle rather spoiled, and the story a bit long. I was not prepared for an intimate scene between the two and felt uncomfortable.

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