Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood

2 stars. I almost gave it three because I liked the beginning and the ending pretty well. But then I had to remind myself why this book took me three times as long to read as it should have. It was over 500 pages of sameness. And not very interesting sameness, either. It was mildly interesting at first, but then none of the four stories actually ended up DOING anything. Yes, there are FOUR stories in this book. It is a frame story within a frame story that comes out looking more like a collage of family skeletons from the closet. I think the main reason I finished reading it at all was so I could have the satisfaction of putting it down.
I will give Atwood two props though. One, there was a lot of sex going on, but it was nearly all behind the scene. That was handled rather tastefully, I think. And two, she did a good job of hiding her clues throughout the story and she does a good job of misleading the reader. I make this statement hesitantly because I had it figured out halfway through the book. So either I'm just smarter than the average bear or her clues weren't as cleverly hidden as it seemed. Either way, she made me FEEL like a smarty because I figured it out early on. It wasn't a TOTAL waste of time, but I am glad it's over and I can now move on to more interesting things (I hope!).
And FYI- there is some mild profanity and, as I mentioned above, lots of discrete love scenes.


L said...

I agree anything that makes you feel like a smarty pants can't be all bad. I'm the same way about finishing books. They have to be really bad for me to stop.

Trixie said...

Hmmm...I think I have this one on my list of 100 books. I may have to rethink it though. We'll see.
By the way, if anyone is paying any attention, I have actually only finished one book off my list. Kind of sad, but it's been entirely too crazy around here with a 7 month old and a 4 year old to actually get any reading done. I am in the middle of another couple but it is slow going. That's the problem with fill-in-the-gaps books. I guess there was a reason I haven't read them the first time around. :)

Julie said...

Well, it definately sounds unusual. I've wanted to read some of these Booker Prize winners but perhaps I'll start with a different one for now.

Lula~I sometimes wish I was more into finishing all the books I start reading but alas I'm not. Sometimes, I just loose interest or get too busy and I feel I have to return it. Although, I do try harder to finish them now so I can write a review on here.

Trixie~Hang in there. :) I know it is tough and life does get crazy with little ones. Read as you can and little by little you'll get it read. Lots of luck to you!