Thursday, January 7, 2010

Maintenance post: Where we are for 2010

I took the liberty earlier today to create the book lists for 2010 and update a little bit around here. I'm not trying to take over but just trying to maintain the flow of 5-squared and keep it alive. This blog means a lot to me because I happen to feel that this blog was created by my friends, Amanda and Jason, out of a pure love for reading and a desire to share that love of books with others. 5-squared has done just that and this will be its third year! So exciting! Personally, I've grown to really love the book blogging community and reading so many of their blogs is a true pleasure for me.
I'm not sure which of our wonderful authors would like to continue with 5-squared this year or who may move on. I don't think it is my place to officially assume either. So, I made a 2010 book list for all current authors listed. Each current author does have admin. privileges on this blog, so I'll let them decide. Of course, I hope each one would continue posting as I do enjoy reading a variety of reviews myself but I'll understand either way. That's the nature of a group, comings and goings, I think. I'm looking forward to 2010 here on 5-squared!
Unofficially, I do realize that some of our authors, as you may know, have already posted some of their book reviews on their own blogs. I'll add those links (the ones I'm aware of so please let me know if I've left you out) to the sidebar so that you can continue reading their amazing book reviews. (Authors if you don't like your link there you can take it off.)
As for me, I'm planning to continue posting my 25+ book reviews here. I enjoy being a part of 5-squared and on group blogs in general. I think that's my niche.
I hope you'll continue reading and leaving your input through comments as well. Thank you!

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