Monday, October 5, 2009

More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz

I've been sicker than a dog all weekend, and for some reason in my mind that meant - read as many scary stories as you can! Nothing like being scared out of your wits with a runny nose and cough. I now know that just increases their effect.

More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark was a great place to start. Collected from folklore and retold my Alvin Schwartz, these stories are short and to the point, thereby bypassing a common error with these types of books - I wasn't bored to tears by the length and bad writing. These are supposed to be written for a younger audience (it says on the back for ages 9 & up) but I would think twice before letting someone that young read them. Not unless you want to be up with them in the night!
I'm a grown-up for crying out loud, and I was totally creeped out by most of them, covering a wide variety of haunting subjects. A new bride locked in a trunk forever in The Bride. Being buried alive in Rings on Her Fingers. The Ghost in the Mirror was enough to give me nightmares forever. Wonderful Sausage about a secret ingredient that just happens to be human flesh. The Cat's Paw. The Dead Man's Hand. In some he even includes actions in parenthesis like (Now rush at someone in the audience and SCREAM: AAAAAAAAAAAAH!)

Illustrated by Stephen Gammell, these drawings are horrifying! It's not that hard to imagine someone screaming.

These pictures would give my eleven-year-old nightmares. They'd give my fifteen-year-old nightmares! They gave me nightmares!

So, in other words, if you like a scary short story, I highly recommend this collection. Read it on Halloween for maximum effect though, or better yet, give it to an arch enemy as a birthday gift.
Trust me, you won't regret it...wink,wink.
4 stars

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Amanda said...

I didn't want my kids to read these until they were a bit older, but apparently they have them at school...well, at least they didn't talk about nightmares after reading the books...

L said...

Well, you're a good mother then, because my mother, she let us read them! What was she thinking??
You're boys are tough. I tried to read one to my son last night, and he's like - No thanks mom. And here I am lapping it up.

Julie said...

I think those stories might be too scary for me. ;0

L said...

My job is done then. Love the :O
That was great!

hamilcar barca said...

there's something impressive about a well-told scary story. it's best when it isn't luridly gory - just suggestive of impending mayhem.

Rebecca Reid said...

I hope you feel better!

I can't handle these books and never could.

L said...

Hamilcar - that's just how I'd describe these. Just enough to inch in your craw and make you nervous or uncomfortable. Anything more would be too much.

Rebecca - Thanks! I have the cold from heck. I wouldn't wish this on anybody. Maybe sometime before the end of time it will go away!
Yeah, I think you should steer clear of these.

L said...

And then I was going to add, maybe I'd make a good MIL gift?? Huh??

L said...

I'd = it'd
(I wouldn't make a good MIL gift that's for sure!)