Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ghost of a Chance by Yasmine Galenorn

Emerald O'Brien can see ghosts which doesn't bother her, except when the spirits threaten her children, friends, and interfere with her resurrected love life. One night, Susan Mitchell appears and leaves Em a message that her husband killed her, prompting her to investigate Susan's death only the cops are pretty sure it's an accident and her husband, Walter, has nothing to do with it. Yet, hot on the heels of Susan's ghost is a dark entity, who Em dubs Mr. B & U for Big or Bad and Ugly. Kip (Em's son who also shares his mother's ability) is eager to help, but gets grounded when he's caught with his hand in Nanna's trunk. Randa (Em's daughter) wants nothing to do with the ghosts or investigation, she just wants to go to space camp. Her friend, Harlow, encourages Em to investigate as well as ghost buts, even after B&U comes after her. Andrew and Murray even encourages Em to keep investigate into the death, consequences be damned, and they are damning. Then another murder takes place, this time it's Diane, Susan's daughter and Walter is under suspicion again. Eventually, Em figures things out and puts the souls to rest.

I couldn't really get into this book. It started off OK, but as I went more and more into it, Em started annoy me for some reason and I couldn't relate to her and the book just fell apart. Also, the language started getting rough towards the end and there was another "Let's have sex first to define our relationship then think about it." Then there's the swell guy who might be a jerk. And the bad ghost tangent annoyed me, why was it there? I lost interest. I no longer cared who killed Susan Mitchell and Diane and why or what happens to the kids and the adults. Not a series I plan to continue.


hamilcar barca said...

interestingly, Ms. Galenorn is a pagan, although she says she's not a Wiccan. no wonder there's a paranormal bent to her books.

Christina said...

Even more interesting is Ms. Galenorn writes several books on a trio of sisters who are (in order) a witch, a were-puma, and a vampire, heavy on the sex, sexual frustration, male chauvinism, and fear. I've passed on those as well as they're not my cup of tea.