Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi

My son Laurence and I have been reading Pinocchio together and I, and have just finished it this afternoon. AS such, we're going to write this review together. After each question, I will put my answer, and Laurence's answer:

Who was the funniest person in Pinocchio?
L: The funniest person was the fox, because I like it when, at the end, he's shouting that he's really poor now.
J: I thought the funniest person was the Snail, because she was soooooo sloooooooooow and we reeeeeaaaaaaaadddddd heeeeeeerrrrrrrrr vooooooiiiiiiiiicccccceeeee llllliiiiiiikkkkkkkeeeeee tttttthhhhhhhhiiiiiissss...

What was the saddest part of the book?
L: AT the end of the story where Candlewick died, because I liked Candlewick because he wanted Pinocchio to come with him to the Land of Boobies.
J: I thought the saddest part was when Pinocchio went to the fairy-with-the-blue-hair's house, and saw the sign saying she was dead.

What was the happiest part of the book?
L: When Pinocchio gets out of the dogfish's mouth, because the dogfish was really bad, and he escaped from it.
J: I thought it was wonderful when the fairy came to Pinocchio's dreams, and told him he was a good boy now.

Do you ever act like Pinocchio? How can you learn to be good like Pinocchio did?
L: No! Well, sometimes. I can learn to be good by going to school and obeying my parents, and listening to my mama and dad.
J: Way more often than I should. I find constant beatings are helpful. Just kidding!

(Laurence's Question:) Why do you think the Fox and Cat decide to be assassins?
L: Because they want to steal people's money
J: Because, when they are dressed as assassins, noone can tell who they are. People who are being wicked try to be sneaky. When people are being good, they don't need to tell lies.

Laurence's rating: Holy Donkeys!
Jason's rating: Holy Donkeys!


Amanda said...

Laurence's answers are much more grown-up than I expected. I'm glad he liked his first classic.

Rebecca Reid said...

I'm glad he liked it. It's good to have a kid's perspective. And I agree his answers are quite good!

I listened to the audiobook a few months ago. I thought it was didactic and boring and far to random.

Amanda said...

I wonder if reading it out loud to a kid and using all the voices would help it to feel like didactic and boring?

Rebecca Reid said...

good point, Amanda, I think reading it to a child with your own clever voices would make a big difference. The narrator on the audiobook I listened to really tried hard. And it was rather annoying. I'm just the wrong audience, I'm sure.

Christina said...

I think when it's "live" the person doing the voice can change it according the other's direction. I'm told that's how I was when I was used to my aunt/Grandmother reading me a story vs. my dad reading the same story. Plus some people are more dynamic and when talking to your children you know what they like.