Friday, June 5, 2009

It's a Mod, Mod, Mod, Mod Murder by Rosemary Martin

I didn't know how I would feel about this story. I love the Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies and this was touted as a That Girl/Miss Marple/Jessica Fletcher all rolled into one. Turns out, the story and writing are good and I like the story. I think there's only three in the series, the last one being published in 2007, so reading them all won't be difficult. It's a lighthearted romp in New York 1964 and perfect for a getaway beach read.

Elizabeth "Bebe" Bennett (yes, named after Austen's Bennett) is newly arrived in New York and has fallen in love with the city and her boss, Bradley Williams, who works at Rip-City Records. Hot off the plane are British sensations, Philip Royal and the Beefeaters. Bebe shares an apartment with Darlene, who happens to be an airline stewardess who met Philip Royal on the ride over and they planned a date with him and another band member. Bebe and Darlene arrive, but the boys are absent. Steamed, Darlene marches up to his room only to find him dead, with a chorus from one of their songs written on the wall, her the primary suspect, and grounded because of that. Seeing her friend distraught, Bebe takes it upon herself to figure out who did the singer in. She questions everybody, Nigel (the manager), Keith (guitarist), Reggie (bassist), Peter (drummer), Astrid (Philip's ex-girlfriend) and Patty (British reporter). Meanwhile, she keeps typing and filing and pining over Bradley while fending off the wolf, Vince, and keeping pace with her friends, Darlene and Darlene's friend, Stu. Everyone associated with the band seems to have a motive and many have means, but only one person did it. With determination and luck, Bebe figures out who the culprit is, thus saving her friend's job and making her look good in Bradley's eyes.

This was a delightful, quick read. I found it easy to like Bebe, even though she's a little naïve, especially when people have to explain the sexual innuendos to her. But it's this naïveté which draws people to her and they unknowingly open up to her and that's major accomplishment in New York.


hamilcar barca said...

ah me. That Girl/. it's been many a year since i've thought of that series.

L said...

I love the name Bebe!