Saturday, April 4, 2009

Do No Harm by Gregg Luke

Do No Harm is a great suspenseful read. Paul Randall buys a pharmacy under unusual circumstances in a small town. Strange things begin happening as he attempts to make a new home in Crescent Cove. There is a hospital, Pathways, that seems to have an unusual link to his new pharmacy. There are more questions than answers and they way some things were done in the pharmacy go against accepted procedures.
Meanwhile, Bria is finding out all about Pathways hospital which isn't really a hospital, but an experimental research center that is using her as a test subject. She doesn't know how she got there and with too many 'Dr. Smith's and 'Nurse Jones', she is afraid that they are keeping so much from her and are harming her. When she finally runs away, Paul finds her, and together they try to find out how Pathways is connected to Paul's pharmacy and why people are disappearing or dying.
I found this one to be a page-turner. I kept wanting to read more to find out what was happening.

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