Saturday, April 25, 2009

Catopolis edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Janet Deaver-Pack

It looks like I'm going to have to stick with Greenberg for anthologies. Some of the stories made me laugh, a few made me sad, one actually made me cry, and there were only a few I didn't really care for or understand. Overall, a great anthology.

"Gut Feeling" by Esther M. Friesner - Lulu, Seer of Catopolis is in a quandary about giving a false prophesy so Senor Pantalones can become king of Catapolis; however, Huey the Hamster might be able to give her a hand. Fresner is quickly become a favorite of mine with her off-beat, quirky stories.
"Black" by Richard Lee Byers - Black cats are missing and Silent, the cat wizard, goes off to find out why and save them. A cat Harry Dresden, naturally, I liked it.
"I am King!" by Edward Carmien - A stray cat, king of the roof, falls from grace and has to rebuild his kingdom. Weird and I didn't really understand the whole thing.
"Old Age and Sorcery" by Lee Martindale - Wizard Myrrrthin helps King Ambrose save his pride. A King Arthur and Wizard Merlin type story, not too bad.
"Kitty and the City" by Paul Genesse - Kitty Cassie has relationship problems with Big-Paws and discusses the issue with her three friends. A kittish Sex and the City, because I don't watch the show, this one didn't appeal to me.
"For the Birds" by Jana Paniccia - An election between Whittington and Churchill goes awry when the birds start protesting. An odd story, but I liked how the cats used mice as ballots, however, one of the counters ate a ballot.
"Eye Witness" by Donald J. Bingle - The mystery of how cat food is canned; it's too impossible to be believed. A funny look at how cats might see us and our tasks.
"Mentor of the Potala" by Bruce A. Heard - Tai Pan teaches his Buddha protégé how to astral project and runs into a little trouble. While it was good, not one of my favorites.
"The Guardian of Grimoire Hall" by Christopher Welch - Tenja and company keep the Book of Apedemak (and the world) safe Delavayne. I like Tenja
"After Tony's Fall" by Jean Rabe - Vinnie the Mouser steals Tony's Fall so the boss can play it. A feline version of the Godfather.
"Ink and Newsprint" by Marc Tassin - Sophocles tries to save his human's newsstand and learns what's really important. This one made me cry.
"Burning Bright" by Elaine Cunningham - Mhari, a Serval, helps track down a human killing cats and discovers the reason behind all the whole scheme. Really didn't understand this one and I think it was a feline take on Spartacus.
"A Cat, A Thief" by Robert E. Vardeman - Robie robs from the rich to give to the poor alley cats, but someone's infringing on his turf so he decides to return the favor. A sweet Robin Hood story with a hint of romance.
"Scent of Death" by Elizabeth A. Vaughn - A cat play cat and mouse with Death. An interesting take on why some animals can sense death before it happens and I loved the interaction between the cat and Death.
"The Persian, the Coon, and Bullets" by Matthew Woodring Stover - Drags, Hacky and Coon, have a run in with Bullets the dog. Didn't really understand this one either, but loved the Maine Coon in it.
"Father Maims Best" by Ed Greenwood - Sam's a ghost hunting kitty whose Father Dearest pays her a visit on one of the jobs. I wanted to like this one, but it fell kind of flat.
"Cat Call 911" by Janny Wurts - Scamper (Copper Cat), Bouncer (Maine Coon), and the Chief figure out and defeat the cloud of despair hanging over the city. Nice twist on cats saving humans and humanity by showing them to enjoy life, like a cat.


Amanda said...

Happy 25th Christina. I'm glad it was a good one.

Christina said...

Me too! I was getting worried that all the good authors/stories had been used up. My faith has been restored!

Kailana said...

Never heard of this before. Will have to add it to the list!

Christina said...

I stumbled upon this at Barnes & Noble and decided I had to get it. I'm glad I did.