Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow

Sun and Moon, Ice and Snow is based on a Nordic fairy tale. It's the story of a woodcutter's daughter whose mother never bothered to name her, so she's known as the lass which means the girl. She agrees to accompany a great white bear to a castle and live there for 100 days. In return, fortune will come to her family. She does this to help her family, but mostly because she believes it will help her brother, Hans Peter, who came home from the sea years before and has never been the same. Hans Peter has been depressed, and she can't figure out what is bothering him or how to make him well again.

She find that the bear means her no harm, but may also be under an enchantment. As she spend times in the mysterious castle, she begins to piece together the strangeness that surrounds her. All those in the castle are under the enchantment of a troll princess who seeks to marry human men, and the lass believes that Hans Peter once spent time in that castle.
During the day, she spends time with the bear and at night, she has a mysterious man sleeping in her room. Curiosity finally gets the better of her and she wants to see who the mysterious man is. Her discovery gets in the way of curing the Enchantment and the bear is taken away. The lass must find her way to the castle of the troll princess to find the bear and figure out how to ruin the Enchantments.
I really liked this book. In the past year, I've come to find out that I love YA books about princesses, castles, and spells. The lass is a great character with such courage and loyalty. I love characters like her.


hamilcar barca said...

hmmm. this reminds me of Beauty And The Beast. the book, not the Disney movie. which i dorkily read in French a few years ago.

L said...

Is the original B&B story the same as the Disney version?

This nordic one sounds like a fun read.

Ana S. said...

I love the sound of this. I have a retelling of this same fairy tale that I'm planing to read soon (East by Edith Pattou), but after that I'm getting this one.