Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker

From the very beginning, Truly is truly huge. So huge, in fact, her mother dies giving birth to her. To make matters worse, Truly must live in the shadow of her slender and beautiful sister, Serena Jane. Soon enough, their father drinks both his grief and his life away, and the girls are separated. Serena Jane is adopted into the lap of luxury, while the enormous Truly is shipped off to a lackluster farm where the infamously luckless Dyersons dwell. There, Truly takes up with Amelia, who serves as a sort of replacement for her sister, though she is nearly mute.

Eventually, Truly and Serena grow to adulthood, though Truly does so at a much faster rate and at much larger proportions. Serena Jane enters an unhappy union with Bob Bob Morgan, who ultimately becomes the last in a long line of Dr. Morgans - all physicians of Aberdeen County. Under mysterious and sinister circumstances, though, Truly is the one who ends up taking up residence within the Morgan household. There, Truly discovers the secrets of a Morgan family ancestor and a century-old rumor, among others.

After putting off her own life for the care of others, Truly, in the end, learns the lessons of love and mercy, most importantly toward herself, after an incredible betrayal. Throughout, the major themes of this novel seem to be death and revenge (which are fine by me, by the way), but Baker manages to plant some sweet smelling roses by the end, with the help of one faithful character in the form of Marcus Thompson, though things are not tied up so tidily as to be trite. Thus, an excellent read. - 5 stars

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hamilcar barca said...

i always like books where the protagonist is something other than blonde, blue-eyed, and with a body that surpasses Miss (or Mr.) January. Truly sounds like a fascinating character.