Sunday, February 1, 2009

Definitely Dead By Charlaine Harris

"Since Louisiana cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse has so few living relatives, she hats to lose one even her cousin Hadley, undead consort of the vampire Queen of Louisiana. Hadley's left everything she has to Sookie, but claiming that inheritance has a high risk factor. Some people don't want her looking too deeply into Hadley's possessions. And they're prepared to do anything in their power to stop her. Whoever it is, they're definitely dangerous and Sookie's life is definitely on the line."

By this point Sookie is feeling like an indentured servant to the Vamps and more to the point to the Queen. In this installment Sookie has to go through her deceased for the second time (became a vamp then got killed permanently) and has more contact with Witches. Of course her involvement in going through her cousins possessions is asked of her by none other than the Queen herself, Hadley was her lover and apparently the Queen is missing an important token that Hadley may have taken possession of. There is a Vampire wedding and more blood shed before this installment is through. And poor Sookie the whole time just wanting to spend a nice night with her Were-Tiger. Odd women always get side tracked by other duties and end up having to sacrifice what they want to do in order to please others. Apparently in the Supernatural world this is the same.

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