Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Deep Green Sea by Robert Olen Butler

I knew just from reading the book jacket what was going to happen in this quick-read novel. I read it anyway.

If you're able to handle the extremely taboo, you would too.

NOTE: All's well that ends well does NOT apply to this novel.

That's all I'll say. - 4 stars

to 5-squared readers: I don't know if this even counts as a book review, but it's truly all I can think to say without giving the novel away (as the book jacket did).


Amanda said...

I'm counting it on your list, whether or not the review is long. :)

hamilcar barca said...

your review made me boogie on over to Amazon and read the write-up on The Deep Green Sea just so i'd know what it was all about. as a bonus, i discovered that Robert Olen Butler is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author. Kewlness!

hamilcar barca said...

How many stars?

Amber said...

Thanks, Amanda!

Oh YEAH, the stars! Lord, I completely forgot...

um, I think...4? could be 3, but I'll say 4.

thanks for the reminder!