Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dead Until Dark By Charlaine Harris

This paranormal fantasy tells the tale of Sookie Stackhouse, a Louisiana barmaid with a disability--- she can read minds. This unusual ability causes most locals to think she is crazy and shun her. The time frame of this wonderful work of fiction is after the Vampires "come out of the closet" and announce their presence to the world. The catalyst to this revelation is the land mark manufacturing of a synthetic blood called Tru Blood, True Blood the amazing HBO series is based off of the first and part of the second book of this series check it out ;). Since the vampires have become public many towns have been shocked to find out their residents include Undead Americans. Bon Temps Louisiana had been happy to say none of the Undead resided in their sleepy part of the world until Bill Compton walks into Sookies life and heart. With the addition of Bill the towns strange underside starts to come out and poor Sookie gets the brunt of it. Her "disability" ends up making her be a tool for the vampires to use to their advantage. Unfortunately for Sookie it won't be a one time deal. Dad Until Dark is a great introduction to the world of the southern vampire. Charlaine Harris does a great job making characters that are instantly likable or detestable. Each character has a life of their own and a back story. A strong sense of family and small town sensibilities resonate through the series and you find yourself attached to the characters. Of course since it is a paranormal fiction/romance series there will be deaths that are upsetting and a lot of betrayals. If you do choose to watch the True Blood on HBO I would suggest reading the books first maybe, the first season of True Blood changes a lot of the details that are in the book but is still equally addictive. Dead Until Dark is a wonderful excursion into the world of the paranormal and into the life of the average hard working American at the same time :D

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