Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chosen By P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

"BLOOD LUST AND DARK FORCES ARE AT WORK AT THE HOUSE OF NIGHT, and fledging vampyre Zoey Redbird's adventures at the school take a mysterious turn. Those who appear to be friends are turning out to be enemies. And, oddly enough, sworn enemies are also turning into friends. So begins the gripping third installment of the series in which Zoeys mettle will be tested like never before. Her best friend, Stevie Rae, is undead and struggling to maintain a grip on her humanity. Zoey doesn't have a clue how to help her but she does know that anything she and Stevie Rae discover must be kept secret form everyone else at the House of Night, where trust has become a rare commodity. Speaking of rare, Zoey finds herself in the very rare position of having three boyfriends, a situation with the potential to spell social disaster. Then vampyres start turning up dead. Really dead. But as Zoey and her friends find out things are not always what they seem...."

In this installment the evil plans and conspiracies really are starting to come out and be more obvious. And while I will continue on and buy and read all of them they are amazing for what they are but as far as literature, they aren't the classics that's for sure. I actually feel guilty for writing reviews about these books when I go through them so fast. I'm on to number four shortly. They are almost like a teenage soap opera but not as much sex and more strange occurrences.


hamilcar barca said...

how are the authors "P.C." and "Kristen" related? Husband and wife? Mother and daughter? i'm not a writer, but i gotta believe that collaborative writing is a strain on family relationships. "Good morning, dear. The stuff you wrote last night in our manuscript is total rubbish. Love you too!" and all that.

Amanda said...

Jen and I are cousins, and are working on a book together now. So far, our relationship hasn't gotten strained, but we're just starting. Jen, are we going to be at each others' throats soon? ;)

Nikki said...

They are a mother and daughter team from what I know. I don't think I would every be able to write with a parent ever! They are to judgmental lol