Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Group Totals

Wow it's been a fabulous year! When I started 5-Squared, I didn't expect it to take off so well! Between the 13 of us, we read/reviewed 248 books in 2008. Of course, some reviews from 2008 might trickle in after this post. I'll continue to update the counts here, both in the total and in your individual total below.

Here's how we did, in alphabetical order. Keep in mind different people started at different times of the year, so goals were different for each.

Amber - 12
Byron - 16
Christina - 27
Jason - 22
Jen - 12
Joc - 2
John - 9
Julie - 16
Marcia - 12
Nikki - 11
Terry - 34
Trixie - 8

It's been such a fun year! I hope you guys are still excited about our group. I look forward to all the 2009 book reviews.

**As a reminder, if you have a 2008 book review that you need to write up in 2009, make a note that it's a 2008 book and I will add it to the appropriate list.


Julie said...

This is so great! I remember when this idea for a book review blog was conceived, so cool! It has been awesome to see it get started and how it has come along this year. I have only one more review to add for 2008 and then it will be a fresh start for me in 2009. I'm looking forward to many more fabulous book reviews from everyone here at 5-squared. Great job everyone!

Trixie said...

Great year, everyone!! Thanks for having me as part of the group. It's definitely fun.