Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Antonia by Willa Cather

Amanda gave a more complete review of this book here. (I don't know how to write the accent mark on the blog either, incidentally.)

"Antonia and I climbed up on the slanting roof of the chicken-house to watch the clouds. The thunder was loud and metallic, like the rattle of sheet iron, and the lightning broke in great zigzags across the heavens, making everything stand out and come close to us for a moment."
I liked this simple quote and the moment evokes for Antonia. Life is unsure now for her, it will be harder without her father, and this thunderstorm is her realization of that. The characters struggle throughout yet this book carries their hard times in solemnity.
The prairie scenery is vivid in this book. Cather is amazing with her descriptive imagery. You do get a sense of being there.
Although, this is not one of my most favorite novels of Willa Cather. I liked Cather's premise for this book formed out of her friendship with Jim Burden. She explains in her introduction about how this book came to life. "More than any other person we remembered, this girl seemed to mean to us the country, the conditions, the whole adventure of our childhood."
I would recommend this book because it is a classic and you do gain a new experience through reading it.


Amanda said...

What other books by her have you read? I'm going to try Death Comes to the Archbishop next year.

Anonymous said...

God, I read that book when I was a little boy (I think I was in the second grade) and absolutely loved it. I haven't thought of it since then.

It's freely available in PDF on the internet now. I'm off to re-experience my childhood, or something. Thanks for the review.

Julie said...

I've read O Pioneers and some of her poetry. I've heard of Death Comes to the Archbishop but I can't recall if I've read it. I look forward to your review, Amanda.
pristalica - thanks for thanking me for my review. I hope you enjoy reliving your childhood. I can't remember much of what I read in 2nd grade.

Amanda said...

I've heard O Pioneers is good. My dad is a big fan of all Cather's stuff. He says My Antonia is a good place to start but he likes other ones better.