Friday, December 5, 2008

I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence, by Amy Sedaris

A big thank you to Hatchette Books for sponsoring several blog giveaways for a 5 pack of holiday books. I was the winner of one of the sets of books hosted by Lesa at Lesa's Book Critiques. In full disclosure, I've also posted my review here on my blog.
I Like You, Amy Sedaris's new book on "Hospitality under the Influence" is a gorgeous book which gives lots of tips on how to be a better party host and attendee. It is full of color pictures of food, cakes and cupcakes, arty projects, and other interesting things (like the four page spread of Amy putting on her nylons, the multiple photos of her wearing said nylons, and several very witty projects made from nylons) that make the book's pages eye-catching and endearing.
I found this book to be nothing short of hilarious.
While Amy does say in her introductory letter to her readers that "This is not a joke cookbook," it is in fact, a cookbook full of jokes.
One caveat about the book is that Amy (who was previously seen on Comedy Central's Strangers with Candy and is David Sedaris's sister) does pepper the book with some vulgarities, mainly references to kinky sex and use of alcohol and drugs. Some may construe these to be offensive. And I would certainly not buy this book for your pre-teen niece who is learning how to cook. For that sort of gift, I would instead recommend Rachael Ray's new cookbook Yum-O! The Family Cookbook (which I have not yet read or reviewed).
I had originally intended to give this book away to my best friend, who is a hostess extraordinaire herself, but now I will actually have to go buy another copy for her.


hamilcar barca said...

Yowzah! i was wondering what kind of author Amy would be. it's gotta be tough to carve your own niche when brother David is so popular.

Trixie said...

She seems a bit wacky to say the least.
I also received David's book Holidays on Ice as part of Hatchette's giveaway. I've never read anything by him, and so I am curious to see how he portray's their family. I think reading his book as a companion to her book will certainly put an interesting spin on it. Stay tuned.
I am entertaining in my home tomorrow (3 year old birthday) but free on Sunday. On the other hand, I just received a copy of Twilight, so it might be a difficult decision as to what to read first!