Friday, November 21, 2008

What You Have Left by Will Allison

For the past few months, I have been in the Bowels of Hell, kissing the foul, puckered asshole of life. Thanks to Amanda and Terry for your concern; you've helped me come out of it a little bit, at least enough to get back to posting.

This is a book I read before I entered the Bowels of Hell. I was looking on the bookshelf at the library under "Allison" just in case they had something by Dorothy Allison that I hadn't read, when I discovered this author by the same last name, also the same state of origin, South Carolina, my own state of residence from birth on.

Besides the last name and the place of origin, Will Allison also has in common with Dorothy Allison the ability to plainly and deftly tell a common story about common people in a way that is engaging rather than boring - the kind of story I like best.

Because I read it months ago and no longer have it in front of me, I no longer have access through memory or the ability to look up names and specifics of the book, so the best I can give by way of summary is to say that it is roughly about a woman who is raised by her grandfather after her mother dies and her father, incapable of raising a daughter, leaves. It is told from different perspectives, including that of the now grown daughter's husband, which also keeps the reader's interest piqued.

It is a small novel, and Will is no Dorothy, but a good read nonetheless.

- 4 stars
What You Have Left: A Novel
By: Will Allison
Amazon Price: $14.00


Amanda said...

Welcome back Amber. I feel for you. :(

hamilcar barca said...

Yay! Somebody else who gives a rating for the book they're reviewing!