Monday, November 10, 2008

The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright

This book has been reviewed as heartwarming and wholesome which sums up the overall feel of this book. It is very simplistic in its writing with lots of dialogue, good characters and an easy read. It reads more like you're sitting in a comfy couch and carefully listening to someone telling you a story. Though it was interesting and I loved the main concept of communicating with a person you care about through letters, it wasn't as realistic or captivating for me as I had hoped it would be.
In the beginning, the premise is that Jack and Laurel Cooper die in each other's arms in their bedroom of their beloved bed and breakfast Inn. Although this was a unique start, I couldn't quite fathom that it actually happens very much. As their three children, Matthew, Malcolm and Samantha, come together to deal with this tragedy, Jack's letters to Laurel are discovered and read together by the children throughout the book. Through these letters, interesting family secrets arise and have to be deciphered by their children. Malcolm has the hardest time dealing with all of this but his siblings are kind and understanding to help him through it and to find answers.
I did like the many examples that expressed the idea of love even when we don't understand or have all the answers right at that moment. It also emphasized the value of how tangible letters are and that they can be read over and over again. I found this comforting.
I'd also like to mention another point, through Laurel's tragic experience in the book that I won't reveal here, led me to consider the value of being completely honest in relationships. In this sense, Laurel kept a lot of baggage inside when if she had revealed them upfront with her husband than she may have had a better chance at getting the help she may have wanted or needed but then there wouldn't have been such a story, right?
Overall, it was an average read but it did have its likabilities. I enjoyed the book and have already loaned it out to a friend.

The Wednesday Letters
By: Jason F. Wright
Amazon Price: $13.00

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Jason Wright said...

Glad you liked it well enough to write a very fair review. Thanks :) Now go write someone a letter!