Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Up in Smoke by Katie MacAlister

It seems like every time I find books I fall in love with they become a series and I end up having to spend more money on collecting them. This book is part of that group. Up in Smoke is the newest of 5 books in the Aisling Grey Guardian Novels.

This series of books is about dragons and witches, demons and demon lords. Katie MacAlister does an amazing job of making characters that are fun and engaging to read about. It is set in current times, thankfully because I don't have a lot of taste for historical settings in these books, and is considered Paranormal Romance.

The series, on a whole, is a great and fast read. They chronicle the story of Aisling Grey and her journey through becoming a Guardian and a Wren's (head of a sect of dragons) mate, along with stumbling into becoming a Demon Lord and Princess of Abaddon.

Jokes aside the action does get a bit hot and heavy with a lot of the characters and in usual paranormal romance style everyone tries to pair off. There is at least one more book coming for the series if not more. In this particular book May a doppelganger of a naiad and servant to a demon lord tries to keep her sanity and freedom while trying to love the dragon of her dreams.

Obviously there is more to these books besides scenes that fog up my glasses of I wouldn't bother reading them. There is a great humor and sarcasm in these books I cant get enough of. They are very addictive. As are most things I read hmm I think I see a pattern.

Is there a books anonymous? Meetings anywhere in Wisconsin? hmmmm

Up in Smoke (Silver Dragons, Book 2)
By: Katie MacAlister
Amazon Price: $7.99


hamilcar barca said...

way back in the 70's, there was a movie called Up In Smoke, starring Cheech & Chong. i'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that this book isn't based on that. ;-)

Unknown said...

Maybe dragons don't breathe fire, it's just the smoke from the weed...

Nikki said...

Lol I remember that movie too hehe Nothing like the book hehe the most elicit substance in the book is Dragons Blood a special type of liquor that only Dragons or their Mates can drink but I know Puff the Magic Dragon is about Pot hehe