Monday, November 10, 2008

Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters

"MY mind was a mirror:
It saw what it saw, it knew what it knew..."

This book was first published in 1916. It is a gathering of 244 dramatic monologues written in free verse by Edgar Lee Masters. It is based on the voices of the citizens of Spoon River, a fictional town, yet has been considered autobiographical in nature as it is close in character to the towns where Masters grew up.
I thought this book was thought-provoking and even amusing to read. It goes really fast since each page is a poem basically. He writes with a sense of truth and honesty without fear of complications or worries.

My favorite literary poems in the book are as titled: Fletcher McGee, The Village Atheist, Bert Kessler, and Alexander Throckmorton.

Here is an excerpt from Fletcher McGee:

SHE took my strength by minutes,
She took my life by hours,
She drained me like a fevered moon
That saps the spinning world.
The days went by like shadows,

Spoon River Anthology - Literary Touchstone Classic
By: Edgar Lee Masters
Amazon Price: $4.99

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hamilcar barca said...

wow! i remember reading some of these in Junior High English, and liking them. and there wasn't much i liked in Junior High. thanks for the memories! i'll have to see if i can find this at the used-bookstore.