Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just After Sunset By : Stephen King

This newest release by Stephen King is yet another short story collection. Now as I have stated on the On Writing review I love Stephen King and have read his novels for years and love them. However, when it comes to short stories they tend to fall a little flat. He is a genius but for some reason he cant convey the same level of fright and terror when he is limited to a short medium. The stories this time around kind of fell flat, I kept rethinking how the stories could be better and make more of an impact. The scare factor was pretty low. :( Well written don't get me wrong but just not satisfying. It had my brain working but not in the direction that I wanted it to be in. I know this is a short review but honestly all I can say it don't waste your time reading this novel unless you are a die hard fan.

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Amanda said...

Really? Hm. I read Nightshift when I was 13 or 14 and I liked the stories in there better than the novels. I wasn't reading them to scare myself though, so maybe that's the difference. I never went into any of King's work looking for a good scare. But there were a couple of the short stories that stuck with me forever. Some, like The Man Who Loved Flowers, stayed with me almost subconsciously, where I didn't remember the title or even the plot, but I remembered the atmosphere and it all came back to me 15 years after first reading it. I think it's got to be pretty powerful to do that. Nightshift is my only experience with his short stories.