Thursday, October 16, 2008

For Whom Death Tolls by Kate Kingsbury

Back to Sitting Marsh and the crime-solving lady of the manor, Lady Elizabeth. Lady Elizabeth is managing as best she can with the war and occasional murder. This time, an American GI, Kenny Morris, has been killed. What’s worse is Sam Cutter, Polly’s sweetie, has been accused of the crime. Earl Monroe has asked Elizabeth to look into the matter. She can’t say no to his steel blue eyes (I’m getting a vision of Paul Newman here - RIP). She agrees to check into the matter, especially because Polly is distressed her boyfriend’s locked up.

While dealing with the puppies, organizing a cricket match, finding out who’s dealing with black market goods, cleaning the chimneys, handling a tour of her manor, and dodging American investigators, Lady Elizabeth solves the riddle to all her problems, except for where Major Earl Monroe is concerned.

I really enjoy my “visits” to Sitting Marsh. I feel like I’m watching a PBS show of a British show, such as Are You Being Served or something similar. Kingsbury is such a good writer I zip through her books. It’s a good break and I’m always surprised when I finish her book because I always feel like I finished her books when I just start them. She has the right balance of humor, mystery, and romance to satisfy me. Kudos to Kingsbury and I look forward to her next book as I do a Murder, She Wrote episode or Mary Stewart book.
For Whom Death Tolls
By: Kate Kingsbury
Amazon Price: $5.99


Unknown said...

I loved Murder She Wrote when I was a kid. I mean, of course, it's a bit unbelievable, that this one lady would just keep happening upon murders, but, if someone DID keep running into clever murderers, wouldn't you want it to be Angela Lansbury?

hamilcar barca said...

objectively, wouldn't Angela Lansbury be your #1 suspect?

Amanda said...

Good point, Mr. Barca.

Unknown said...

Bah! Cynics! We're talking about Angela Lansbury here! Angela Lansbury! She's as clean as a whistle! She coudl never do anything wrong! Well... she was the lady who cooked human meat pies in the original Sweeney Todd, and then, she tried to use Frank Sinatra to spy for the Chinese. And I never really trusted Mrs. Potts, either, with all that 'off to the cupboard with ye' and 'heaven's sakes is that a spot!'.

Anonymous said...

it's hard not to admire Paul Newman for putting his money to work in such productive ways

Christina said...

"Mad Magazine" actually had a parody of where Jessica Fletcher was a serial killer who killed people then solved their murders, though I can't remember if it was for the notoriety or what. I always tell my mom if Jessica Fletcher ever came to visit me, I don't know if I'd be happy or scared because I might be the victim or the suspect. It's no surprise they never had a Fletcher/McGill family reunion on the show.