Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Amazon Linking Script

Hi all! As Amanda mentioned previously, I've been developing a script to automatically link book reviews to Amazon, so that you can easily buy a book you find interesting. You may have seen me past in a number of manual links over the last while. The auto-linking script is now complete, so I should be able to update these more quickly, and with a consistent style. A few things for you to know:

1) In order for the script to properly link you, please make sure that your title is in one of the two following formats:

The Greatest Book Ever by Amanda Gignac


The Greatest Book Ever - Amanda Gignac

If you don't follow this format, it's fine, there will just not be a link to Amazon on that particular review.

2) Spelling in title and author are, of course, of penultimate importance

3) If a book has more than one edition out, any version of it may show up in the Amazon link. If one shows up that seems odd - say, an audio-book, or a collector's edition, or something - feel free to let me know, and point out a better one, and I'll update it by hand. As a general rule, it should choose a reasonable edition, but if not, my apologies.

Thanks again, everybody, for your patience. Hopefully this will be a fun little addition to the blog!

Jason Gignac

*Note from Amanda - if you put italics tags in your title, the automatic script running here will strip them out. This is a Google/Blogger program bug that Jason can't work around, at least at this time. He's going to see if anyone else has found a way to work around this, but at this point, the italics will be stripped out. You're more than welcome to re-add them after the advertisement shows up on your post. They'll stick after you re-add them. Hopefully we'll find a fix for this. If the whole thing becomes too cumbersome, we'll just say nevermind and take the ads off altogether. Sorry for the trouble.

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