Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Death is in the Air by Kate Kingsbury

It's back to Sitting Marsh and Manor House to see how Lady Elizabeth Hartleigh Compton is faring with the American GIs. Apparently, not so good, especially with an enemy German pilot who parachuted to safety or not, through in a murder for good measure and you'll smell Death in the Air.

While Lady Elizabeth is getting her hair done, a German pilot's plane crashes and he lands near the woods, Elizabeth and company watch and ponder what to do with the pilot. Yet, the war is tough on everyone and soon one of the ladies figures his parachute is made out of silk, real silk. These ladies have their priorities in line and instantly attack … the parachute. The German runs off into the woods while the ladies are otherwise distracted, he saw what they did to the silk and figures he'll be next in line if he sticks around. Elizabeth returns home to her own troubles: plumbing problems (the Manor's not hers), the Yanks staying at her Manor, and now her butler believes Elizabeth's father's ghost is roaming the halls. As if the Lady of the Manor doesn't have enough to deal with, the body of one of the land girls turns up dead. The village firmly believe the German pilot is the guilty party and sees no reason to look further for suspects, but Elizabeth feels otherwise. Confident in her sleuthing skills from the first book, Bicycle Built for Murder, Elizabeth decides to poke around. Also, in order to improve relations between the Yanks and the Brits, she decides to throw a dance, which ultimately results in a brawl. Needless to say, Elizabeth solves the case, the German is caught and turned over to the proper authorities, and Elizabeth is awarded two Basset Hound puppies for her troubles.

Reading Kingsbury is a delight. The story flows so smoothly, I zipped through the book and was finished before I realized it. Reading this series is like watching an old television show. I get involved with the characters so much, the story just floats by and I have to remember if I read anything. Looking forward to the next one in the series.


Amanda said...

The silk parachute thing cracked me up. I'm imagining a bunch of women with scissors running out to a multicolored swath of fabric while a man sinks away into the background...

Christina said...

That's exactly how I saw it. The scene was funny. They're looking at the German, then one of them starts talking about the silk parachute and the rest talk about what they can do with the silk, forgetting about the German pilot.