Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Trouble with Magic by Madelyn Alt

The trouble with this book is it either had more than one author, a neurotic author or a neurotic editor. I’m positive neurosis or a clash of personalities was involved somehow. Meet Maggie O’Neil, recently fired and literally stumbles into her next job working in Enchantments where fine goods are sold, including witchcraft. From the beginning, her new boss, Felicity, reveals she is a witch. At first, Maggie is put off by Felicity’s alternative lifestyle, but money wills out and she takes the job. On the first day, Felicity’s estranged sister is found murdered with Felicity as prime suspect. Determined that Felicity is innocent, Maggie sets out to find other likely suspects, finally zeroing in on the correct one. What some people won’t do to get Employee of the Month.

Why I claim this book had some neurosis or personality issues is the writing was very inconsistent. I developed a love-hate relationship with the book. The writing would start off okay, but then switch off to some wild tangent out of left field. I’m not sure if it’s her first book or what, but I found it slightly troubling. Maybe the author’s writing will improve with subsequent books in the series.

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Amanda said...

Yeah, I think the writing would bug me too, but it sounds like an interesting story.