Friday, June 27, 2008

Nightingale's Lament by Simon Green

Nightingale's Lament by Simon Green involves yet another case by private eye John Taylor of Nightside infamy who has a gift for finding things, though he dare not use it too often because his enemies can find him and so what does he do except continue to use it in dangerously increasing levels. Nightside, a really nasty underworld of London where nightmares and dreams can and do come true, usually for a price. In short, it's New York and Las Vegas combined without most of the glitz and glamour, a bad aftertaste, and the magic is real, though I haven't seen a unicorn yet. This is a guilty pleasure read. The writing isn't that fantastic (the author repeats himself a lot), some of the twists are okay, but he relies heavily on deus ex machina to get Taylor out of a lot of bad jams. However, in some aspects, this book was better than the first two, there might be some hope for it yet. So why do I continue to torture myself by still reading the series? I have my reasons which I'm not willing to share at the moment :-P

This case involves Rossignol (French for nightingale). Her father is extremely worried about her since she made it big time and has cut ties from friends and family. When Taylor asks about her, he learns she sings sad songs, making people not only want to kill themselves, but actually do it. She seems fine, but there's something "off" about her and she even begs Taylor to find out what it is. Off he goes into the dark, black yonder (literally at many points) to discover what her management team (the Cavendishes) have done to her. Turns out Mr. and Mrs. Cavendish are not nice people and have questionable business practices, they also have a dirty secret which was pretty easy to figure out. After going through some pretty horrible people and events, Taylor solves the case and restores Rossignol to her old self.

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