Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sonnet of the Sphinx by Diana Killian

Sonnet of the Sphinx by Diana Killian is the third and final in the Poetic Death Mysteries. My grief that the series is over is immense, it's akin to discovering the last dollop of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Once again, Grace Hollister has managed to get herself into another Lake District Poet mystery. Yet instead of Byron, this one involves Shelley. As she's going through inventory of an estate Peter had snatched up, she runs across a note which implies a lost sonnet of Shelley. Her sense of academicness compels her to discover the truth, even after someone runs her car off the road, nearly drowning her, and setting her house on fire. But she perseveres through these tragedies and others who try to hinder her progress, because the truth is out there.

Killian did a fantastic job, yet again. There were many times I felt Grace's physical and emotional pain. The pacing is also excellent, using action when necessary and lulls at the appropriate times.

In the story, Grace is compared to Miss Marple due to her penchant for mysteries and bodies and sleuthing skills. Grace is a little offended primarily because of the age, she even wonders if any of them had heard of Nancy Drew. If I had been dubbed "Miss Marple" I might be upset because Angel of Death aura surrounding Miss Marple. She's the English version of the Jessica Fletcher Syndrome where somebody dies whenever Mrs. Fletcher comes to town. OK, I know Miss Marple was before Fletcher, but I've seen more Murder, She Wrote episodes then I've read Miss Marple stories (though I do have The Murder at the Vicarage in my TBR). I'd be hesitant to invite either one over for a visit in the off chance I'd be killed or accused of killing somebody.

I'm going to miss this tub of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, I can still taste that creamy delight on the spoon. Killian has written other books and I hope have the same wonderful style of writing in them.


Amanda said...

Hey! Weren't we talking about Shelly in the comments section of the last review on this series?

I must admit I have complete ignorance when it comes to mysteries. I know who Nancy Drew is, but have no idea who Miss Marple or Jessica Fletcher is.

Hmm...tonight my house nearly caught on fire. Ironic!

Amanda said...

Oops, I mean Shelley.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I saw one too many murder she wrotes as a kid too ;).