Saturday, May 24, 2008

Killer Insight by Victoria Laurie

Killer Insight by Victoria Laurie is the fourth in the series of Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye. This series is a little like a guilty pleasure. Laurie creates believable characters with believable problems, except for one tiny detail: Abby's life seems full of coincidences. So far, the coincidences haven't gotten in the way of me enjoying the series. What I find morbidly humorous is Abby's and her boyfriend's penchant for unintentional painful chaos, which I'll explain later.

Abby is a professional psychic who, unfortunately, seems to recently have run in a lot of bad luck. In this adventure, one of her dearest friends, Ellie, is getting married - Hoorah!. But one of Ellie's bridesmaid's, Gina, has gone missing and Abby has broken up with her boyfriend, Dutch - Boo! Actually, it's open season for bridesmaids. Maybe one bridesmaid had to wear that horrendous outfit one time too many and has sought revenge or solace. Either way, Gina has gone missing. According to wonders of technology, the average citizen thinks Gina has skipped out to California. Abby senses something much worse. One of Abby's unique gifts is she can look at a picture and tell if the person is alive or dead. I take it she'd find scrap booking a chore. She immediately knows something is off and enlists the aid of Duffy, Ellie's brother. Then Sara seems to take a preemptive trip (perhaps she senses a bridezilla in the making) and disappears. So does the next bridesmaid, Christina. In the interim, there's a serial rapist on the loose, who may or may not be connected to all this. Also, to throw a wrench bigger than the mother-in-law-to-be, Ellie's groom, Eddie (Eddie and Ellie, there's got to be a joke in here somewhere), is thrown in jail on suspicion of murder with the same serial rapist. See what I meant about the coincidence?

To date, Abby's been stabbed, beaten up by the mafia, smoked out (literally), attacked by a ghost, choked, and now shot. I'm sure I'm missing one or two, but it's been a while since I read the other books. It appears every time she has a disagreement with her boyfriend, she gets seriously injured. Sometimes, Abby lets her pride get in the way of her relationship with Dutch, talk about a deadly sin. Dutch will do something manly and Abby will overreact, somehow throwing herself into danger. This is actually one of the things I like about Laurie's stories. The characters are real. Abby is a real person with real problems. She's not perfect, she has mars and flaws. So does Dutch and their relationship. The next one in the series, Crime Seen, should be interesting and I look forward to reading it.

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