Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Information on the group

1) The goal of the group is for each person to read 25 books/year (17 books in 2008 as the group started mid-April). Yes, it is okay if you read more or less than 25 - it's a goal, not a requirement. If you join the group at other times of the year, the goal for that year will be prorated.

2) Each member of the group, after reading a book, posts a review here (as short or long as they wish). I will update the book counts/html lists in the sidebar with each review. Note: If you post spoilers in your review, please state so at the top of your blog so we're forewarned. Thank you!!

3) Yes, please write up your review even if the book has already been reviewed by someone else.

4) Almost any form of writing can be reviewed - literature, nonfiction, poetry collections, short story collections, young adult fiction, etc. I only ask that you stay away from young children's fiction (i.e. Fox In Sox) and anything that would...hem...sully our group (i.e. pornography).

5) Speaking of sullying, we'd like to stay clean in all ways, so reviews should stay family-friendly, too, if you don't mind. Mature is okay. Overtly vulgar is not. In the same vein, please don't use this blog to force opinions on people, make inflammatory remarks, or do anything else that would ordinarily be considered offensive in polite company. Simply stating your personal opinion in a non-inflammatory way *even on controversial subjects* is, of course, just fine.

6) If you don't currently belong to the group and wish to join, even if it's mid-year, please contact Julie at jflamingo2[at]yahoo[dot]com and I'm trying to set up a contact button off to the side. This is a great place to help you get started into the wonderful world of book blogging. Beware that it may become addicting. Yay for 5-Squared!